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Xiaomi Mi 6 Hands-On: iPhone 7 Camera Tech, With Galaxy S8 Specs, But Half The Price

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Among the many things Apple and Samsung have proved over the past few years, it’s that a good-to-great product + clever marketing + hype = you can sell your products at jacked up prices and people will still want them.

This is how you explain lines around the block for iPhones or Galaxy S8s when, say, the OnePlus 3T is about 90 to 95% as good a product for less than half the price. I’m being very blunt, of course.

In smartphone marketing speak, this is the so-called “premium handset market,” and it’s an area Chinese phone brands like Huawei and Vivo are aggressively going after.

Xiaomi, on the other hand, is not going to play that game.

The Beijing-based company announced today its newest flagship phone, the Mi 6, and once again, it’s got top-of-the-line specs and features straight out of an Apple/Samsung phone, except the phone will only cost about US$350 ($2499 rmb).

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